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10 Interesting Place in Egypt

Egypt still promising so many interesting place to visit. The country has the world heritage and tourist most famous places. All areas in Egypt has a historical value.
10 place listed below certainly not represent what the real Egypt.
But, it's minimum place that you must visit during your holiday in Egypt.

10. Mount Sinai
File:St Catherines From Sinai.JPG

Mount Sinai is the highest peak in the town of Saint Kahterine's. Mount Sinai visited by many tourists, because in this mountain Moses received a revelation from God, the 10 commandments given to the Israelites. At the peak of Sinai also stands a mosque and a church, and many climbers are attracted to the top.

9. Temple of Karnak


The temple of Karnak was known as Ipet-isut (Most select of places) by the ancient Egyptians. It is a city of temples built over 2000 years and dedicated to the Theben triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.
For the largely uneducated ancient Egyptian population this could only have been the place of the gods. It is the mother of all religious buildings, the largest ever made and a place of pilgrimage for nearly 4,000 years.
Karnak is the home of the god Amun who was an insignificant local god until the 12th dynasty when Thebes became the capital of Egypt. He was represented in his original state as a goose and later as a ram, at the height of his power he was shown as a human with a head dress of feathers - all that remained of the goose.
In ancent times wars were not fought between countries but were considered as contests between gods. One deity subduing and replacing another, the victorious god and its people growing in strength. This is how Amon, with the help of Thutmose III and various other New Kingdom kings, rose to become the first supreme god of the known world and was hailed as God of gods. Little is know of him, unlike most other gods he has no legends or miracles to impress his worshippers and seems to be closer to an abstract idea of a godhead. His followers came from all the strata of society and he was known to some as 'Vizier of the poor.'
All Egyptian temples had a sacred lake, Karnak's is the largest. It was used during festivals when images of the gods would sail across it on golden barges. Karnak was also the home of a flock of geese dedicated to Amun.

8. Sharm el-Sheikh 

Sharm el-Sheikh is the Egyptian tourist city, lots of entertainment and tourist facilities are here. Strategic position overlooking the Gulf of Tiran and the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm el-Sheikh heavenly water attractions such as snorkeling, scuba diving and more. In Sharm el-Sheikh, we can see Mount Sinai and Naama Bay. Golf courses with full facilities are also available there.

7. Hurghada

Hurghada is a city in Egypt located on the Red Sea and is famous for its beautiful beaches with white sand. Hurghada also offers tourist spots are well-supported facilities. In Hurghada there are many resorts, hotels and inns. Hurghada Beach Coral reefs are considered the most beautiful in the world. Hurghada also become an international center of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, diving and more.
6. Nile River

The Nile is the longest river in the world and the legendary where Prophet Moses had washed away into the Nile until it was discovered by the daughter of Pharaoh. The Nile is the heart of Egypt's population lives. Egyptian society rests on the Nile. Starting from tourism facilities, dams, the center of economy, agriculture, fisheries, transportation and others. No one if there is a saying that says, "The Nile is a gift to the people of Egypt".
5. Luxor

Luxor was the ancient city of Heliopolis in the South, in Luxor there are many historical sites such as the ancient Egyptian monuments lies, ruins of temples and tombs as well as the largest open air museum. Tourism became the foundation of the economy of Luxor.
4. Red Sea
File:Red sea stony beach taba egypt.jpg

Red Sea is called in scripture when Moses parted the Red Sea with his cane. When the Prophet Moses and his followers the Israelites escape the Pharaoh. Suez Canal connects the Red Sea (Egypt) to the Mediterranean Sea. Red Sea biodiversity, coral reefs, atolls and high salinity. Although many harmful species in the Red Sea, but it did not dampen the divers to enjoy its beauty.
3. Alexandria

Alexandria or Al Iskandariyya Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city and one of the most famous cities in the world. In Alexandria there is a sphinx and the ancient Roman theater. The Great Lighthouse in the 7 Wonders of the World. Many tourists are attracted to visit Alexandria as a very beautiful place.
2. Cairo

The capital of Egypt is the largest city in Africa and the most populous. Cairo also as a center of Islamic scholarship. The world's oldest university Al Azhar also in Cairo. Building houses, ancient buildings are very thick with Islamic architecture. Cairo is the nickname for the city by 1000 the tower. Because of the mosques in Cairo at least have 2 towers.
1. Pyramids and Sphinx

Egypt is almost identical with its pyramids and sphinx. There are more than 80 pyramids in Egypt, and the largest pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx is the greatest shpinx. In the pyramid there are mummies of kings or bodies are preserved, while the sphinx is a statue of a lion-headed man. Pyramid and sphinx in Egypt prove that the highest man-made structure in the world that holds many mysteries.

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